Three Beauty Brands We’re Loving Right Now

Due to suddenly having more time on our hands! Not having to commute, a non-packed social schedule and being less burnt out, it’s given us the time to really pay the attention to our skin that it deserves. We’ve been trying out three skincare brands that will keep us glowing even post-isolation, so without further ado:


With the April heatwave days we’ve been getting, it’s important to ensure we’ve got the SPF close by!  TROPIC offers two fantastic Sun lotions, GREAT BARRIER SUN LOTION -Boasting a silky, hydrating formula packed with powerful extracts that shield skin from UV rays and free radical damage and SKIN SHADE SUN CREAM – 100% mineral sun cream, packed full of nourishing oils and antioxidant-rich extracts for all-round protection.

If your hair’s a little dry after being in the sun, give it a deep moisture treatment using TROPICS HAIR FEAST DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT– This highly effective and versatile product can be used as either a daily treatment or an intensive conditioning mask when left on for at least 10 minutes


Next up, it’s Ishga – A vegan and organic skincare brand from the purest Scottish waters. Isha have created a men’s range based on the everyday skincare requirements of the modern man.

We’re very picky with facial exfoliants, as pick the wrong one and you can end up with dry, patchy skin stripped of essential oils naturally formed by the skin. Isha have created a Facial Exfoliating Face Wash that is gentle, yet effective enough to use daily and remove dead skin cells of the skin’s surface and that’s due to its ingredients –  A blend of Hebridean Seaweed extract, Kelp Seaweed grains, Hebridean spring water, skin softening Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E.


And the perfect partner for the exfoliating face wash is Ishga’s Marine Face Cream.  Crafted from Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Thistle Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera concentrate, combined with Hebridean Seaweed and Hebridean natural spring water to soften, repair and moisturise leaving a protective barrier that helps rejuvenate and protect the skin from environmental damage.


Last up, it’s Bluebeards Revenge, who have created a beautiful Cuban blend EDT and beard oil. The scent is taking us away to more latino destinations, and we adore the packaging design of the fragrance, with a Cuban scene on closer inspection.

Bluebeards also have a vast range of hair, body and shaving tools including the adorable travel beard brush featured below.



Thank you to all the brands involved in this blog post – Please note all items are gifting for review and photographic purposes. 

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