The Rich Barber Method: How to Attract Clients, Keep Them, and Charge More Price: $27.95 (as of 14/08/2022 08:29 PST- Details)

This book will be the most valuable tool at your barber station. If you want to learn how to perfect your barbering skills, offer a world-class client experience, and get your name out there in a big way, this is the book for you. In The Rich Barber Method, Chuka Torres, also known as Chuka the Barber-and founder of The Rich Barber Company-offers a complete game plan for new and experienced barbers alike to reach their personal and financial goals. More often than not, barbers thing that success means serving as many clients as possible. This sort of thinking (which isn’t really thinking at all), sets them up for a stagnant business and eventual burnout from overwork and disorganization. Until now, there has never been a step by step playbook for achieving what should be every barber’s goal: charging more. If you can charge more, you can work fewer hours, have more freedom, and a less stressful life. The Rich Barber Method is a tried and true process for achieving a successful barbering career. Tested and proven first by Chuka in his own life, and then again and again via the barbers who have worked, learned, and succeeded at The Rich Barber Studio in Sacramento, this method is an indispensable tool for the modern barber.