Renal Diet Cookbook: The Ultimate Easy-To-Follow Guide With 100+ Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Low P Price: $13.71 (as of 05/12/2022 08:52 PST- Details)

Are you susceptible to kidney problems and want a solution?Do you want to avoid using drugs and would rather have a more natural cure?This book provides you with the perfect solution. Kidney problems are among the most common complaints and millions of us suffer from them every year. At best they are a nuisance and can impact our daily lives, but at their worst, they can become chronic and even life-threatening. Thankfully there are ways for us to keep ourselves healthy, long before things go too far, and the best by far is through a carefully managed diet.Who should read this book?Anyone suffering from Renal Dysfunctions, diabetics or who wants to know more about healthy dietsPeople interested in healthy, quick and easy recipes to enjoy at homeAvid learners who are happy to learn how to treat Renal Dysfunctions with foodWhat do I learn from this book?Inside this book, Renal Diet Cookbook: The Ultimate Easy-To-Follow Guide With 100+ Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Low Phosphorus Healthy Recipes to Manage Kidney Disease and Avoid Dialysis, you will discover how easy it can be to maintain your overall health, and particularly the health of your kidneys, through an innovative and exciting new diet, with chapters on:The renal diet explainedThe benefits of a renal diet for youTreatment strategies for renal failureDo’s and don’ts of a renal dietWhat to eat and what to avoidTips to combat renal failure100 fabulous and delicious recipesAnd lots more…With great ideas for every mealtime, you could soon be enjoying food like Chinese Chicken Salad, Watermelon Salsa or Beef Barley Soup, which will not only be great for your kidneys but that you will enjoy eating too.Each recipe has been carefully selected and is ideal for anyone who suffers from kidney problems, or even if you are completely healthy and want to stay that way!