Do we really need Botox?: A handbook of Anti-Aging Services Price: $31.49 (as of 30/06/2022 02:11 PST- Details)

Dr. Sofia Din is a board-certified Family Medical doctor who has been practicing Primary Care, Geriatrics and Aesthetic Anti-aging for the past 15 years in New York. Her journey as a Single Mother while maintaining her career in Medicine as well as in the fields of Anti-aging & Aesthetics has led her to start a Non-profit organization called Hagar’s Foundation for Single Mothers. Hagar’s Foundation is solely devoted to improving the lives of Single mothers everywhere.This Handbook of Anti-aging services is the distillation of Dr. Din’s knowledge, experience and wisdom gathered in healthcare industry over the last 15 years and is her first gift to Hagar’s Foundation for Single Mothers.Please also know that this book is designed to be extremely beneficial for you in obtaining relevant information if you ever decide to become a consumer of any anti-aging services as you age. It will also serve to be your healthy aging guide.This book also offers a cutting edge new method to decode and decipher your own Botox dose at any age.For more info please visit us at