Beard Shaping Tool Liner Template by Sharpiz | Transparent Stencil Comb Shaper for Styling with Trim Price: $13.97 (as of 15/05/2022 20:23 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

EASY & FAST GROOMING: It’s a bread shaping tool designed to upgrade your shaping skills to get perfect results in seconds. Tame your beard growth with precision trimming & styling and get a perfect symmetrical trim every time without the barber’s fee. CHEAPER. FASTER. BETTER. It’s a no brainer!
TRANSPARENT: A clear view is key to getting a professional trim when using a beard comb and shaping liner. It improves your styling results DRAMATICALLY. A clear edger makes the lineup, edging and tracing fast and easy and the shaving a breeze. It works with shaving gel or foam and every shaver, trimmer, clippers, scissors or blade, straight razor or oneblade, and fits all face types & sizes
ALL IN ONE TOOL: It’s a 6 in one multigroom straightener tool to shape your cheek line, neckline, jaw line, mustache, goatee, sideburns, and for cutting head and neck hairline during haircuts. It’s ergonomically designed for a firm grip with ear and nose leveling marks and thin edges that allow precision lining & shaving for well groomed masculine facial hair, whether a curve cut, step cut, stubble or viking, or as a goateesaver. Shape a trimmed & symmetric natural look to fit your hairstyle