Activate Your Hair Follicles: A comprehensive guide to solving your hair loss and scalp problems Price: $4.99 (as of 05/12/2022 08:52 PST- Details)

A comprehensive guide to help with solving your hair loss and scalp problems. This book was written to help men, women and children with hair loss and scalp problems. In this book you will discover different types of hair loss and scalp problems, their clinical features and if there are treatment options. The book also include real case studies. Some of the chapters that are included in the book are: who to see for what and when, is your health or hair style choices causing your hair loss, and don’t be fooled. Have you ever heard of a Trichologist or what one does? This book will answer that question for you. Who should buy this book? Who was it written for? Well if your a stylist it’s excellent for you and your clients will be thank you for adding it to your collection of tools. If you are a Trichologist then you know how important it is to have many tools to use as reference when seeing your hair loss clients. This book offers you real case studies and insights on how to treat them. If you are a dermatologist this book is a great tool for you to have in your reference library to assist your clients with hair loss. If your a layperson suffering from hair loss or scalp problems the book no doubt will be beneficial to you. After reading it you will know exactly where to start to get help and treatment . Activate your hair follicles is a great reference tool to help you identify hair loss and scalp problems.